Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Term Paper Writing Headaches

NO MATTER how a lot of students do their best to make a term paper that would really make the grade, some of them still end up unsuccessful—their “best” seems to be not good enough.

They shouldn’t put all the blame to writer’s block, as apart from partial loss of memory, there are other “injustices” that strike students whenever they have to produce term papers:

Getting sick. Colds, fever, flu and worst, chickenpox hit students when they least expect it. Teachers usually give their students kind consideration by allowing them to submit term papers behind the deadline, but other professors just do not have the heart, and say: “If there’s a will, there’s a way… submit your work by hook or by crook!”

It’s difficult to extract your creative juices when you’re not at your best. Getting sick is just normal, but getting sick when there’s a term paper task approaching is definitely abnormal.

Scarce reference materials. So you finally found a topic that will catch your teacher’s eyes and may rouse the interest of your classmates. But after days of researching and gathering of data, you only got a maximum of two reference materials that will support your term paper. Why wait for the days to pass, when you can still change your topic if this is the case?

The best books have “gone astray.” Why does it have to be this way: All of the books you are trying to look for and need to borrow in libraries… are the ones missing in the bookshelves!

Don’t ask yourself, “God why me?” or “God why now?,” as you are not the only one making a term paper—never forget that you have classmates and students from your locality or country doing term papers, too.

In all likelihood, their topics are similar to yours’—and one of them went out of his way to visit the library earlier. But there are still other books, magazines, or newspaper clippings that you can use as references—they’re just waiting for you to browse them patiently.

The books you need are “out of your world,” which simply means the “good finds” deemed helpful in your term paper writing can be found in a library that’s not just a stone’s throw away, but miles away from you! And if you try to borrow it via “inter-library” means, it would take you couple of days or even weeks. Well, find another resource material.

Lack of time, or is it lack of discipline? Once your teacher gave your class the green light, begin with your term papers right away! It’s like choosing between typing your final draft over playing basketball with friends. Finish ahead of deadline, so that you will not cram and will still have plenty of time to read, proofread or revise your term paper.

Coming up with a term paper that will get a sky-scraping grade has never been, and will never be that easy.

But, to actually realize this goal, you just have to make an extra effort to impress your fussy professors, as to the quality of term papers you submit to them.

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